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Dimming HID Lamps Saves Industry Energy and Money

Accendo GloGreen Digital HIDTM (DHIDTM) lighting retrofit ballasts and fixtures with Dim Function capabilities are a very smart way to reduce Industry lighting energy consumption and associated electricity costs.  The benefits of DHIDTM lighting today are  equally environmentally and economically favourable with a really quick return on investment.  Upgrading any existing core and coil (magnetic) ballast powered HID lamp system with DHIDTM immediately saves 40%-50% in energy consumption.  By instantly dimming an additional 50%-70% of incoming power, total savings over your existing installation can exceed 65%!

For example, by upgrading/retrofitting an existing magnetic ballast 400W Metal Halide (MH) HID lamp fixture with a GloGreen 250W DHIDTM ballast and 250W Pulse Start MH lamp, an immediate 43% energy savings are possible with equivalent lighting levels sustained over the long term.  The magnetic 400W operating at 15% losses will consume a total of 460W; the GloGreen 250W DHIDTM ballast on the other hand will only consume 265W input power given its much higher electrical efficiency and command of Voltage.  The 250W MH lamp outputs 23,000 lumens approximately, which is the equivalent to the output of a 400W MH lamp which has surpassed 5,000-10,000 hours or 1 year of operation (approximately 40% degradation already suffered at 1 year).  If the existing magnetic based HID lamp installation has exceeded 5,000-10,000 hours, then the GloGreen DHIDTM 250W solution will be producing equivalent or more light which is sustained over the extended life of the lamp, but at a fraction of the operating cost!

To clarify further, a standard probe start 400W MH lamp operated by a magnetic ballast will originally output 35,000 initial lumens.  At 5,000 hours of operation, the lamp will have depreciated to 27,000 lumens (23% lumens lost); at 10,000 hours, 21,000 lumens or 40% degradation and by the lamps rated end life of 15,000 hours, the lamp will have suffered 52% lumen depreciation (17,000 lumens).  If 1 year operation equates to 8,760 hours (24 hours a day X 365 days a year), then at just 6 months of operation, the lamp will have suffered 23% losses in lumens or light delivered to the ground.

The GloGreen 250W DHIDTM ballast system operating a Sylvania 250W Pulse Start Metal Halide lamp (MP 250) will output 22,500 lumens (original specification).  Due to the DHIDTM ballast’s high electrical efficiencies and the Voltage control offered by the Direct Digital IgnitionTM (DDI) micro-processor and embedded algorithms, virtually all power (Watts) input into the ballast is converted to output Watts delivered as lumens/light to the target.  As a result lumen maintenance is drastically improved and lamp life is greatly extended; the Sylvania MH lamp outputting 22,500 lumens originally will sustain 95% lumen maintenance over its entire extended lifespan.  There is no visible depreciation of light over this lifetime, relamping is no longer required; imagine how much you could save by reducing your maintenance and bulb consumable costs by 50%+?

Given the Sylvania MH lamp’s 15,000 hours life rating when being operated by a magnetic ballast; the DHIDTM ballast operating the same lamp will extend the life by up to and beyond 100% i.e. 30,000 hours plus.  Introducing Dimming Functions or operating a higher Wattage lamp with a lower Wattage DHIDTM ballast can extend lamp life beyond 100%.  Originally specified lighting levels remain throughout the entire life of the DHIDTM lighting system, there is no visual degradation in lighting quality or penetration over the life of the system.  The savings in energy, labour and lamp consumable costs over the long term ensures the DHIDTM solution pays itself back in as short a time as possible; introduce dimming and the return on investment cost is reduced further:

Dimming GloGreen Digital HIDTM Lighting

GloGreen Digital HIDTM ballasts are available in Basic (no dimming) and Dim Function capable models. Dim Function models feature a RJ-11 input port which allows for easy plug and play operation of the Accendo Motion Sensor, or Pre-Programmed Device (PPD; used with Automatic Dimming function).

– The DHIDTM ballasts can also be supplied with discrete or Analog inputs. The dimming functions are enabled via wired motion sensor (discrete signal input dims the ballast to 50% of full rated ballast Wattage instantly in one step); via wired Analog input of 0VDC to 10VDC (energizing Analog input with 2.5VDC to 10VDC correlates to a ballast Wattage output of 50% to 100% of rated ballast Wattage). Dimming with Analog input is instant and seamless, it is ideal for applications which use Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to control building functions; the same PLC’s can be used to direct/schedule the operation/dimming of the lighting network for maximized energy savings.

– Automatic Dimming or pre-programmed schedule dimming offers a simple and cost effective means to dramatically reduce energy consumption and increase HID lamp life expectancy. Based on a customer specified dimming schedule, the Automatic Dim function capable ballasts operate independently; when powered on (via photo sensor or switch for example), the ballast automatically runs its program for the day, entering its dim mode only after a specified elapsed amount of time from the ballast ‘on’ or start time. For example, choosing a 5 or 6 hours delay time means the ballast will enter its dim mode at midnight approximately (i.e. if the ballast on time is at 6pm or 7pm that evening).  The program is simple, and allows for the selection of 0% to 70% dimming (100% to 30% output of full ballast Wattage).  By dimming after hours, when less human and vehicle traffic is present, energy and money savings can be maximized; even in a dimmed state, DHIDTM lighting delivers sufficient lighting to the target as to not compromise safety or security in the area.

DHIDTM ballasts from Accendo are available in 50W to 1000W configurations; easily retrofitting into existing core and coil (magnetic) applications operating 50W to 2,000W HID lamps.  The Digital HIDTM ballasts are also available in various Voltage configurations, offering true application flexibility:

Voltage rating details:

DHIDTM Ballast
Rated Voltage
Working Voltage
Safety Voltage
240V ±10% 216V ~ 264V ±15% 204V ~ 275V
277V ±8% 255V ~ 299V ±10% 249V ~ 305V
120V – 240V NA 108V ~ 264V NA 96V ~ 275V
240V – 277V NA 216V ~ 299V NA 204V ~ 305V
347V ±8% 319V ~ 375V ±10% 312V ~ 382V

Dimming HIDTM Lamps Saves Industry Energy and Money. The application flexibility offered by GloGreen DHIDTM lighting from Accendo creates many different ways for you to reduce your lighting costs.  Dimming HID lamps by 50%-70% when humans or vehicles are not present makes a lot of sense in energy savings and also further extends the lifespan of the lamp.  The upgrade is simple and the return on investment is excellent.  With local Power Utilities and Government entities offering substantial rebates on the retrofit or new installation of DHIDTM ballasts and fixtures today, your project is paid off in 6-12 months and with very minimal expenses incurred over the entire lifetime of the system.

Please contact us today for a free assessment of your application.  Please visit for additional information; or do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions.

Best regards,

Anthony Borges

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