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Digital HID™ (DHID™), Industry’s Most Green Lighting Upgrade Solution

Digital High-Intensity Discharge (DHIDTM) lighting technology is leading Industry’s energy efficient lighting evolution with a solution to lighting upgrades which is cost-effective, high-performing and the most responsible for the environment.  Accendo Electronics Limited, a Canada and United States based lighting manufacturer, is a champion for the economy and the environment and is innovating with the World’s most robust lighting solutions for Industry. Their new GloGreen Series DHIDTM retrofit ballasts and lighting fixtures offer many value added benefits on the upgrade of any outdoor or indoor lighting application.  The retrofit upgrade is a simple solution which reduces lighting expenses by fifty to seventy five percent or more, and produces very little waste since existing lighting fixtures can be re-used.

It is a known fact that Industry can realize significant money savings by simply upgrading old lighting systems with new more energy efficient lighting; but of greater importance is the reduction in greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere as a result. By drastically reducing the electricity demanded from the power utilities by municipalities and industries, a substantial impact can be had on the reduction of CO2 emissions released, and on Industry’s carbon footprint as a whole. Add the option for the responsible reuse of the existing lighting system fixture, and project costs can be further reduced while putting even less of an effect on the environment. The environment wins and your project wins considering DHIDTM lighting offers the perfect balance of buying cost, performance and low operating/consumable costs over the long term for a favorably short return on investment time.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb lighting is a trusted technology; it has been in use around the world for decades and today remains the most widely used type of high-power lighting for outdoor and indoor purposes such as street lighting, factory or retail/warehouse lighting, greenhouse/hydroponics and arena/stadium lighting for example.  To power the HID bulb, traditionally a core and coil (magnetic) ballast is used.  By simply retrofitting a DHIDTM ballast in place of the less efficient magnetic ballast, an instant fifty percent plus energy savings is possible; e.g. if the existing magnetic ballast light fixture uses a four hundred Watt power ballast/bulb and the new GloGreen ballast using two hundred Watts is installed in-place with a two-hundred Watt bulb, the customer can now expect longer lasting light quality with over fifty percent savings in electricity, and all for a fraction of the cost and waste of purchasing a new fixture.

The DHIDTM ballast brings new life to HID bulb systems including the benefits of extended lamp life, increased lumen output, instant-dimming, quick ignition/re-strike times and Automatic or pre-programmed schedule dimming capabilities for maximized energy savings and lamp life.
A breakthrough innovation is the guarantee that a HID bulb powered by a DHIDTM ballast will not visibly degrade over its entire lifetime.  Magnetic ballast powered HID bulbs are known for their rapid degradation or premature dimming in as little as six months or five thousand hours; this is no longer the case with DHIDTM since the customer can expect thirty to forty thousand hours and beyond life from the same bulb while suffering no more than a five percent drop in light quality and output right up to the end of the bulb’s extended life.

Accendo GloGreen Series Digital HIDTM ballasts offer unparalleled electrical efficiency and performance compared to conventional core and coil (magnetic) ballasts. DHIDTM lighting offers the most cost-effective, value-added alternative to LED, fluorescent and induction based technologies for new and retrofit industrial and commercial Green lighting projects.

About Accendo Electronics

Accendo Electronics Limited is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Industry leading energy efficient lighting products who endeavors to help Industry be more competitive by significantly reducing the operating costs associated with lighting.  The company is also dedicated to the Greening of the environment with products which demonstrate the least impact had on the environment as a result of a lighting upgrade.

Accendo commits to the success of large-scale Green lighting projects with highly integrated off-shore and Canadian based production facilities, complimented by local warehousing, and advanced research, development and technical support facilities located in Markham, Ontario, Canada and Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  All products are subjected to a 100% quality inspection and guaranteed with 3 to 5 Year Warranty Terms to meet the most stringent Industry standards.  Accendo lighting innovations represent the highest quality with technological superiority in the area of performance and capability, delivering the most energy saving lighting solutions in the marketplace today.

On-going research and development programs ensure a mandate of continuously improving upon the core-technology base and on the introduction of new products incorporating a balance of proven and leading edge technologies into product designs.  The market leading technology to make Industry lighting applications as economically and environmentally efficient as possible is available today; DHIDTM guarantees brighter, longer lasting light for less cost.

For additional product information and comparisons of the GloGreen DHIDTM lighting technology versus LED, fluorescent and induction lighting, please contact:

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