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DHID™ Lighting, The Common Sense Solution For Industry Lighting Today

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting remains the most cost-effective, most energy efficient, highest performing lighting source on the market today.

Digital HIDTM (DHIDTM) Lighting Retrofit Ballasts are the natural, common sense upgrade for any existing HID lamp systems; the DHIDTM ballast is retrofitted/installed into the existing HID lamp fixture and ‘instantly’ reduces energy consumption by 40%-50% (75%+ with lamp dimming).

YouTube Video Presentation on the Benefits of Accendo Electronics Solutions:

Ministry of Natural Resources Canada – “How Do Electronic [Digital] HID Ballasts Save You Money?”

Sheridan College Institute of Technology – Lighting Technology Research Report:
Professor Petre Miu reports on the performance of Digital HIDTM (electronic) ballasts versus core and coil (magnetic) ballasts:

The Retrofit/Upgrade of any existing/old HID lamp system with DHIDTM yields instant high level lighting results.  Reusing the existing fixture,
i.e. only replacing the old core and coil (magnetic) ballast/lamp in the same fixture with a new more efficient Accendo Digital HIDTM ballast and matching HPS/MH lamp, benefits Industry immediately with:

– at least 40%-50% savings in electrical energy consumption (more with dimming),
– improved fixture light output performance over the long term,
– the shortest Return On Investment (ROI) time,
– reduced waste, less Environmental impact by re-using fixture assets, and reduced lamp changes.

Economically and Environmentally Responsible, the GloGreen Digital HIDTM Ballast retrofit solution is the only to meet all of your indoor and outdoor lighting needs with cost-effective, longer lasting light that will not degrade over time. With DHIDTM lighting products in 50W to 1000W configurations, and with readily available Industry Rebates/Incentives, DHIDTM is the common sense solution for Industry lighting projects today.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Anthony Borges
Accendo Electronics Ltd.

Copyright © 2009-2012 Anthony Borges. All rights reserved.


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