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Accendo Electronics Limited is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Industry leading energy efficient lighting products.  We endeavour to help Industry be more competitive by significantly reducing the operating costs associated to lighting.  Accendo is also dedicated to the Greening of the Environment; by substituting antiquated lighting system applications with high efficiency digital lighting we envision the over-all reduction of Industry CO2 emissions by quantifiably reducing the demand of electricity from the power utilities.  

Our lighting innovations represent the highest quality with technological superiority in the area of performance and capability, delivering the most energy saving lighting solutions in the marketplace today.  Essentially producing brighter, longer lasting light for less cost.

We commit ourselves to the success of your Green lighting project with our highly integrated off-shore and Canadian based production facilities, complimented by local warehousing, and our advanced research, development and technical support facilities located in Markham, Ontario, Canada and Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Accendo products are subjected to a 100% quality inspection, and guaranteed with 3 to 5 Year Warranty Terms to meet the most stringent requirements of Industry standards for the global market.

Our on-going research and development programs ensure our equal commitment to both continually improving upon the current technology base and to the introduction of new products and lighting solutions by incorporating a balance of proven and leading edge technologies into our product designs.  The market leading technology to make Industry lighting applications as economically and environmentally efficient as possible is available today.

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