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Engineering and Technology Magazine
“…does the LED live up to its glowing reputation? Well, not yet.”

Feature Article by Rebecca Pool (20 August 2012) : Are LEDs still the future for lighting?


Ministry of Natural Resources Canada – “How Do Electronic [Digital] HID Ballasts Save You Money?”


Manufacturing Today magazine highlights how Industry Leaders can be more competitive by drastically reducing the expenses associated with facility Indoor and Outdoor Lighting; this can be done most cost-effectively, and without compromising light performance.

DHID™ is “Industry’s Most Green Lighting Upgrade Solution”, please see our featured article in Manufacturing Today by linking here:


Sheridan College Institute of Technology – Lighting Technology Research Report:
Professor Petre Miu reports on the performance of Digital HIDTM (electronic) ballasts versus core and coil (magnetic) ballasts:


Why Are Digital Ballasts Better?

Article By Susan Slobac:

Toronto Directory of Green Building Products and Services


WIKIPEDIA: Electronic [Digital HIDTM (DHIDTM)] Ballast

Link to article:


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