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About AURA Light International AB

Aura Light’s core competence is to develop, manufacture and sell quality light sources within our unique concept Long Life Lights. The concept holds our patented solutions distinguished by light sources with extra long life. We have been in the light source business for more than 75 years, and our long experience is the basis for our professional performance.

Our Long Life products have a functional and quality guarantee, as well as an environmental guarantee. Long Life products are distinguished by extra long life, resulting in low operating costs and a minimal impact on the environment.



Accendo Electronics is proud to announce the collaboration of Digital HID (DHID) ballast technology with the World’s most advanced High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and Fluorescent Lamps. For a complete listing of available fluorescent and high-intensity discharge long life light sources, please link here -> Fluorescent and High-Intensity Discharge Long Life Lamps

Please contact us today for a free assessment of your application.  Please visit for additional information, or email

Best regards,

Anthony Borges


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