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-> Digital HID Vs. Magnetic HID Vs. FLUO Vs. Induction Vs. LED

Digital HID (DHID) offers the most cost-effective, value added alternative to fluorescent, induction and LED based lighting technologies for new and retrofit industrial and commercial Green lighting projects.  With significantly increased electrical efficiency and lighting output performance over traditional core and coil (magnetic) ballasts, DHID is truly the common sense evolution of High-Intensity Discharge lighting.

Lighting Depreciation of Magnetic HID Vs DHID

For a direct comparison between Digital HID, Magnetic HID, Fluorescent, Induction and LED for Street/Parking Lot Lighting, please download the competitive comparison document here:

Downloadable PDF:



See full article here: DHID (Digital HID) Vs. FLUO; Just The Facts

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our findings with you further. Accendo Electronics is committed
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Anthony Borges
Accendo Electronics Ltd.


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