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When considering your lighting application solution, it is prudent to educate yourself on the available lighting types on the market today.  Given the recent surge of promotion and the popularity of LED lighting, many consumers assume LED to be the solve-all for every lighting application.  Although LED technology meets and exceeds the standards for many applications, one should be careful when considering LED for applications where light projection or penetration is important; i.e. applications where the light source is mounted at long distances from the target, as in Street Lighting, High-bay Warehouse, Sports Arena, Airport and Greenhouse lighting for example:

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DHID (Digital HID) Vs. LED; Myths and Facts


Over-all, DHID™ provides the Municipality/City clientele the Lowest Cost (<5 year payback), Most Proven (50,000+hrs. life, 90%+ lumen maintenance), Most Environmentally Responsible (re-use/retrofit fixture) Solution.

To replace existing H.I.D. lamp fixtures with LED ‘one-for-one’ requires an IES Specification Redesign: due to LED technology’s lower lumens per Watt (light output versus energy consumed), and lower penetrating light over distance. Technically, higher Wattage, higher cost LED fixtures are needed; OR pole spacing needs to be closer (more posts added), and mounting height needs to be lower to match the performance of DHID™ lamp technology.

Downloadable PDF file click-> Street Lighting Retrofit: DHID™ Best Value Over LED

“…does the LED live up to its glowing reputation? Well, not yet.”
Feature Article: Are LEDs still the future for lighting?


We welcome the opportunity to discuss our findings with you further.  Accendo Electronics is committed to the success of your lighting application; please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information today.

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