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-> DHID Retrofit and New Installation Guide

The GloGreen Series Digital HID (DHID) retrofit ballasts and fixtures for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps represent the most environmentally and economically responsible lighting upgrade solution for Municipality, Commercial and Industrial applications.

For new Green building or outside lighting projects, Accendo DHID lighting solutions outperform with the perfect balance of low initial buying cost, energy efficiency, light quality/penetration performance over the long term, and really low maintenance/ consumable costs for Industry’s best return on lighting investment.

For typical existing Low-bay/High-bay HID light fixture applications, a core and coil (magnetic) ballast of 250W power to 400W will be upgraded. For a magnetic 250W fixture upgrade, a GloGreen DHID 100W or 150W retrofit ballast is installed; for a magnetic 400W fixture, the GloGreen DHID 250W/200W retrofit ballast is installed, as outlined in the document below:

Downloadable PDF File: Accendo-GloGreen-Digital-HID-(DHID)-Lighting-Ballast-Installation-Guide

Please note, all Accendo Digital HID products meet the stringent Electrical Safety Standards set by CSA, UL and CE; for additional information, please link: -> Electrical Safety Certifications

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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  2. […] -> DHID Retrofit and New Installation Guide […]

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