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-> Make Your Own Solar or Wind Powered Light System – Green Business Opportunity

Accendo GloGreen Series Digital HID (DHID) Ballast products are designed to work most efficiently with Solar, Wind and other Renewable Power Sources.  The DHID ballast operates at 97% efficiency, ensuring that virtually all energy harvested is efficiently output as bright, penetrating light. 

With an industry leading 116+ lumens per Watt (lm/W) luminous efficacy performance, the GloGreen Series ballast, available in 50W to 150W configurations, operating a Metal Halide (MH) or High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) HID bulb offers greater light output than LED, fluorescent or induction lighting types while consuming less energy.  DHID light ballasts and HID bulbs are inexpensive, making a DHID lighting system the best value for the shortest return on lighting investment time.

With the advent of the New GloGreen Series Digital HID ballast, cost-effective and environmentally responsible renewable light systems can be assembled anywhere on Earth.  The solution is as ideal for industrialized markets as it is for developing markets or locations where an electrical supply grid is not available.  The new technology creates business opportunities for Electrical Contractors or Engineering firms alike specializing in renewable power sources.

Essentially, a DHID renewable light system is made up of these main parts; a controller; the power source(s), i.e. photovoltaic panels and/or wind turbines; batteries; a photo sensor; a 50W, 70W, 100W or 150W GloGreen DHID ballast; and the matching Wattage MH or HPS bulb.  The system can be assembled for Highbay applications or Street Lighting or Parking Lot/Pathway Lighting applications for example.  Accendo supplies you the GloGreen DHID ballast and matching bulb, or can supply you complete Highbay or Outdoor Light fixtures, available as turnkey packages with GloGreen ballast and bulb included.

Please see below for the Downloadable Electrical Schematic Drawings.  The controller used in this system is manufactured by Morningstar Corporation (model number SS-MP-TT-15L), but other controllers may be considered.  Depending on the climate or the location where the system is to be installed and more importantly how much sunlight and/or wind will be available, will help you to determine the number of solar panels/wind turbines and batteries required. 

In Canada, for example, where winter months may not provide adequate sunlight/wind for optimal battery charges; end-users connect their solar/wind lighting system into the available electrical utilities grid as a back-up power supply.  The system is completely automated by the controller; once the batteries reach a certain level of depletion, the special controller converts the system to the back-up power supply.  Please note, new controller technologies now allow the system to be powered by both Photovoltaic Panels and Wind Turbines at the same time; making the system 100% sustainable, and therefore eliminating the need for grid power back-up.

Downloadable Electrical Schematic Drawings:

Option 1: On/Off No Timer

Downloadable PDF:

Option 2: Dry Contact, No Timer

Downloadable PDF:

Option 3: Dry Contact With Load Monitoring

Downloadable PDF:

Option 4: On/Off With Load Monitoring

Downloadable PDF:

The Economically and Environmentally Responsible Lighting Solution

GloGreen DHID lighting technology represents Industry’s most economically and environmentally responsible lighting solution.  The DHID solution is the first choice for renewable energy light applications requiring quality, long lasting penetrating light at long distances (15ft+).  For existing magnetic MH or HPS bulb highbay, perimeter, street lighting or parking lot lighting applications, DHID ballasts offer the end-user the opportunity to save money and waste by re-using the existing lighting system fixture.

Simply retrofit the new GloGreen ballast into existing core and coil (magnetic) MH or HPS bulb systems; one ballast can operate both bulb types with equal efficiency.  By retrofitting the Digital HID ballast into an antiquated magnetic HID lamp system, the old fixture is re-used and totally rejuvenated, bringing new life and a dramatic improvement in performance to the existing HID bulb based fixture. This simple procedure leaves only the old HID bulb to be recycled (and ballast in circumstances) and therefore creates much less strain on the environment.

For additional information, please download the Accendo: DHID Retrofit and New Installation Guide

GloGreen DHID lighting solutions can drastically reduce the cost and environmental impact of your lighting upgrade and new Green installation projects.  Compared to LED, fluorescent and induction lighting sources; Digital HID lighting promises and delivers the optimal balance of low buying cost, energy efficiency, light quality/performance, and reduced maintenance/consumable benefits for the shortest realistic return on lighting investment payback time. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our findings with you further; please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Anthony Borges
Accendo Electronics Ltd.


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  1. Anthony Borges said, on November 11, 2010 at 12:56 am

    Thank you for your input. True, we continue to monitor the trend. We are evolving our DHID ballasts for use with solar panels; DC Voltage input versions of our DHID ballasts will made available soon.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

    Thank you,

    Anthony Borges
    International Marketing Director

    Accendo Electronics Ltd.
    9-160 Gibson Drive
    Markham, ON. L3R 3K1 Canada
    Tel: 905.475.2067
    Fac: 905.470.0168

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