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Street Lighting Retrofit: DHID™ Best Value Over LED

Over-all, DHID™ provides the Municipality/City clientele the Lowest Cost (<5 year payback), Most Proven (50,000+hrs. life, 90%+ lumen maintenance), Most Environmentally Responsible (re-use/retrofit fixture) Solution.

To replace existing H.I.D. lamp fixtures with LED ‘one-for-one’ requires an IES Specification Redesign: due to LED technology’s lower lumens per Watt (light output versus energy consumed), and lower penetrating light over distance. Technically, higher Wattage, higher cost LED fixtures are needed; OR pole spacing needs to be closer (more posts added), and mounting height needs to be lower to match the performance of DHID™ lamp technology.

Downloadable PDF file click-> Street Lighting Retrofit: DHID™ Best Value Over LED

“…does the LED live up to its glowing reputation? Well, not yet.”
Feature Article: Are LEDs still the future for lighting?

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New Standard for High-Output Lighting Applications – DHID™ (Digital HID™) Powered Low/High Bay Fixtures

The new standard for high lumens applications, DHID™ (Digital HID™) Powered low/high bay fixtures are energy efficient, provide maximum light output, and cost less to operate compared to traditional (core and coil/magnetic) ballast fixtures.

Ideally suited to Industrial, Retail or Public Space low/high bay lighting applications.  The upgrade specification over magnetic ballast fixtures can yield 50%+ energy and operating expense savings.

Downloadable PDF file click-> Accendo-Electronics-DHID-Low-High-Bay-Fixtures-F200-250W-and-F575W

IES Files download here->

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Symban and Accendo Partner to Deliver Energy Efficient Lighting Product Line

Digital HID™ Technology Surpasses LED in Performance and Price

Brampton, ON, August 14th, 2012: Symban Lighting, Canada’s leading independent manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures has partnered with Accendo Electronics of Markham, Ontario to deliver a broad line of energy efficient lighting products. This line of fixtures is the first available in North America to incorporate digital high-intensity discharge (DHID™) technology which reduces energy use by up to 50% without compromising overall performance, and while extending lamp life. Accendo Electronics is the World’s leading manufacturer of electronic/digital ballasts for high-intensity discharge lamps including pulse-start metal halide (PSMH), ceramic metal halide (CHM) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, those used extensively in exterior and interior commercial and industrial applications.

Traditionally, HID lamps are driven by magnetic ballasts which are inefficient, wasting large amounts of energy to released heat, and which degrade lamps, reducing their performance and shortening their useful life. Digital ballasts (or electronic ballasts) utilize a micro-processor to finely control the voltage and amperage levels and frequency delivered to lamps, resulting in less power consumed and extended lamp life. Heat losses are minimized saving additional energy. A typical 400 Watt exterior or high bay fixture can be reduced by up to 200 Watts by switching from magnetic to digital ballasts.

As LED (light emitting diode) technology is seeing increased use in low-light applications, LED systems have yet to prove viable for high-intensity lighting applications. The light efficacy of LED systems (i.e. efficiency measured in terms of light lumens delivered per Watt of energy consumed) and their overall brightness has not matched metal halide technology. This, while remaining 3-4 times more expensive. In addition, manufactures of high-intensity discharge lamps have invested heavily to extend lamp-life and improve colour performance, rekindling interest in metal halide, ceramic metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. It is expected that these developments, along with new DHID™ technology, will drive a renaissance in high-intensity discharge lighting from these sources.

Symban Lighting is the first company to offer energy-saving DHID™ technology in a complete line of fixtures including wall-packs, flood lights, and canopy lights. These products will be made available through electrical and lighting distribution channels in Canada and the United States.

For more information please contact:

Anthony Borges, Accendo Electronics,

Dave Greenlaw, Symban Lighting,

DHID™ Is The Best Choice Versus Fluorescent


See full article here: DHID (Digital HID) Vs. FLUO; Just The Facts

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How Industry Leaders Can Be More Competitive

Manufacturing Today magazine highlights how Industry Leaders can be more competitive by drastically reducing the expenses associated with facility Indoor and Outdoor Lighting; this can be done most cost-effectively, and without compromising light performance.

DHID™ is “Industry’s Most Green Lighting Upgrade Solution“, please see our featured article in Manufacturing Today by linking here:

Manufacturing Today is an industrial magazine for leading manufacturers, with a focus on ‘best practices’. To view the full Summer 2012 issue, please link here:


5 Key Benefits of DHID™ Solutions for your Lighting Projects:

  1. Maximized Energy Savings, 30%-75%
  2. High-Quality, Long-Lasting Light, 90%+ Lumen Maintenance
  3. Reduced Maintenance Expenses, 3X – 4X Less Lamp Changes
  4. Environmentally Friendly, Cost-Effective; Reuse / Retrofit Your Existing Fixture
  5. Low Buying Price, Proven Performance, Industry’s Shortest Return On Investment

We can help you increase your competitiveness in a most Economically and Environmentally Responsible way, please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss.

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Anthony Borges

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DHID™ Offers the Most Cost-effective, Value-added Alternative to LED

World Industry leaders TRW Automotive, H.J. Heinz Company, McCain Foods Ltd., PSION Inc., Richmond Oval, Air Canada, and Hyundai all benefit from DHIDTM energy efficient lighting solutions today, new ‘Case Studies’ are published here:>

Accendo GloGreen Digital HIDTM (DHIDTM) retrofit ballasts and fixtures offer unparalleled electrical efficiency and light performance compared to conventional core and coil (magnetic) HID ballasts/fixtures.  

DHIDTM offers the most cost-effective, value-added alternative to LED,
fluorescent and induction based technologies for new and retrofit
industrial and commercial Green lighting projects

To re-use, or retrofit your existing ‘high-Wattage’ HID lighting fixtures with a more energy efficient ‘low-Wattage’ DHIDTM ballast and low-Wattage quality lamp makes sense from an Engineering point of view (light performance and lamp life is improved, with 50%+ energy saved); makes sense from an Accounting point of view (extremely short Return On Investment, in less than one year); and it makes sense from a Sustainability point of view (the re-use of existing fixtures makes sense for our Environment).  Please contact us today to learn more about DHIDTM energy efficient lighting solutions.

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Anthony Borges

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Benefits of Digital HID™ (DHID™) Lighting Retrofits

Retrofitting existing High Wattage HID lamp fixtures with more energy efficient and better performing DHIDTM ballasts benefits your project:

– DHIDTM Retrofit lighting solutions provide Industry the shortest Return On Investment
– Re-using, retrofitting existing magnetic ballast/lamp fixtures is environmentally responsible
Instant 40-50% energy savings, beyond 60% energy savings with smart dimming
– DHIDTM ballast technology improves HID lamp lifetime by 50%
– 90-95% lumen maintenance, originally specified light levels always remain (no relamping)
– Eliminate the long term expenses  and waste of lamp maintenance with Long Life Lamp solutions
– 10+ years, maintenance free solution, 40,000+ hours life MH, 70,000+ hours life HPS solutions

How does it work?  Old magnetic ballast HID lamp systems lose their light output over time, eventually losing over half of their initial light output.  Although light output has decreased, the magnetic ballast system continues to  consume the same amount of energy.

Accendo recommends the replacement of higher Wattage magnetic ballasts with lower Wattage DHIDTM ballasts.  Below is a typical Industrial high bay light fixture retrofit example.  The traditional 400W magnetic HID lamp system is upgraded/retrofitted with a 250W DHIDTM ballast, re-using the same fixture, only a new DHIDTM ballast and new matching Wattage lamp is installed.

Replace high Wattage magnetic HID ballasts with lower Wattage DHIDTM ballasts for instant 40%+ energy savings.  Application Examples; downloadable PDF Application Sheets (click):

-> Accendo-Retrofit-Digital-HID-DHID-Lighting-Ballast-Sell-Sheet-for-All-HID-Applications

-> Accendo-Retrofit-Digital-HID-DHID-Lighting-Ballast-Sell-Sheet-Industrial-Lighting-Applications

-> Accendo-Retrofit-Digital-HID-DHID-Ballast-Chart-for-Street-Lighting-Applications

-> Accendo-Retrofit-Digital-HID-DHID-Ballast-Chart-for-Highway-High-Mast-Lighting-Applications

-> Accendo-Retrofit-Digital-HID-DHID-Lighting-Ballast-Sell-Sheet-for-Automobile-Dealership-Applications

DHIDTM lighting retrofits can be applied anywhere a magnetic ballast HID fixture is existing, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Best regards,

Anthony Borges

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DHID™ Lighting, The Common Sense Solution For Industry Lighting Today

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting remains the most cost-effective, most energy efficient, highest performing lighting source on the market today.

Digital HIDTM (DHIDTM) Lighting Retrofit Ballasts are the natural, common sense upgrade for any existing HID lamp systems; the DHIDTM ballast is retrofitted/installed into the existing HID lamp fixture and ‘instantly’ reduces energy consumption by 40%-50% (75%+ with lamp dimming).

YouTube Video Presentation on the Benefits of Accendo Electronics Solutions:

Ministry of Natural Resources Canada – “How Do Electronic [Digital] HID Ballasts Save You Money?”

Sheridan College Institute of Technology – Lighting Technology Research Report:
Professor Petre Miu reports on the performance of Digital HIDTM (electronic) ballasts versus core and coil (magnetic) ballasts:

The Retrofit/Upgrade of any existing/old HID lamp system with DHIDTM yields instant high level lighting results.  Reusing the existing fixture,
i.e. only replacing the old core and coil (magnetic) ballast/lamp in the same fixture with a new more efficient Accendo Digital HIDTM ballast and matching HPS/MH lamp, benefits Industry immediately with:

– at least 40%-50% savings in electrical energy consumption (more with dimming),
– improved fixture light output performance over the long term,
– the shortest Return On Investment (ROI) time,
– reduced waste, less Environmental impact by re-using fixture assets, and reduced lamp changes.

Economically and Environmentally Responsible, the GloGreen Digital HIDTM Ballast retrofit solution is the only to meet all of your indoor and outdoor lighting needs with cost-effective, longer lasting light that will not degrade over time. With DHIDTM lighting products in 50W to 1000W configurations, and with readily available Industry Rebates/Incentives, DHIDTM is the common sense solution for Industry lighting projects today.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Anthony Borges
Accendo Electronics Ltd.

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What Is Your Digital HID™ (DHID™) Project’s Economic and Environmental ROI?

Upgrade your existing High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system with a Digital HIDTM (DHIDTM) ballast retrofit solution today; the initial buying cost is low, the energy savings are instant, and you can re-use your existing high bay fixture or outdoor luminaire.

The GloGreen DHIDTM retrofit ballast solution and accompanying fixture and lamp products help you realize your project’s optimal Return On Investment (ROI) time, and with very little impact had on the environment.

Below is an example of the typical economic and environmental ROI on the upgrade of an existing 400W magnetic (core and coil) based fixture with the GloGreen 250W DHIDTM solution. The installation is simple, you only need purchase and install a GloGreen 250W DHIDTM ballast and matching 250W Pulse Start MH or 250W HPS lamp. Your existing fixture is upgraded and performs much better in terms of lighting output, energy efficiency, lamp life performance and sustained lumens, which means lamps stay bright over their entire life (eliminating 2-3 or more lamp changes for years and years of low cost operation).

Downloadable file:

In this example, the Net Total Payback is only 1.08 years. That is a RETURN ON INVESTMENT of 970.8%! Economically the customer is able to realize a PROFIT; environmentally the Elimination of Harmful Emissions as a result is invaluable.

The DHIDTM ballast retrofit solution offers your project the perfect balance of buying cost, energy efficiency, lamp performance, and environmental regard. Re-use, revive and reduce the energy consumption of your HID lighting system today, please download the following one page DHIDTM Retrofit Benefit sheets for more details:

Please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your solution, or please submit the Risk Free Trial Unit Form for more information.

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Anthony Borges
Accendo Electronics Ltd.

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The Most Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective Long Life Light Solution

AURA Long Life Light technology is the perfect complement to Accendo’s Engineered Lighting Solution family.  The Long Life Lamp solution is proven, and partner customers Worldwide already benefit from the Energy and Money Savings that Long Life Lamps and Accendo Digital HIDTM (DHIDTM) lighting products provide.

With the addition of Long Life Fluorescent and HID products, Municipality and Industry clientele benefit right away with ‘real’ project savings for Industry’s fastest Return On Investment.

Introducing the ECO SAVER Long Life Fluorescent product to your next relamping project is a very simple upgrade which yields immediate savings in energy and money; any client already using a substantial amount of  T5 or T8 lamps benefits instantly.

Accendo offers the most flexible, cost effective, highest performing, and longest lasting guaranteed solutions for any lighting upgrade project today.  We continue to innovate our product offerings to ensure the customer has the choice of the most comprehensive solution regardless of application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free assessment of your application.  Please visit for additional information, or email

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